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Rule Description
Excess of Clients
File:Not allowed.svg
Each player may play up to 3 characters from different accounts simultaneously. Should anyone exceed this amount, whether through the use of VPNs or by any other method, all connected characters will be subject to punishment.
File:Not allowed.svg
The use of third-party software to assist in the game is not allowed under any circumstances. Our client already includes a trainer module, and that is the only assistance a player can have. Note: It does not matter if the bot is performing any action or not; merely the fact of it being injected into our client is grounds for punishment.
File:Not allowed.svg
No type of advertisement unrelated to Exordion is permitted, or even if related, if it aims to harm someone or the server itself.
File:Not allowed.svg
Comments of a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or any similar nature will not be tolerated. Be careful and respectful in your words, as even out of context, they may result in punishment.
Undue Advantage
File:Not allowed.svg
Abusing any kind of bug that may occur on the server, as well as using fraudulent and/or dishonest means for one's own benefit and/or that of others, will be subject to punishment.
  • The punishments will be through the banning of the entire player account that violates any of these rules.
  • Punishments will be progressive, increasing the ban duration with each new infraction.