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Rarity System

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In Exordion, we've introduced an exciting item rarity system that transforms the way you interact with the game. Now, every time you defeat a monster, there's a chance to receive special items instead of the common ones you're already familiar with. These items can range from uncommon to legendary, with each category representing a greater challenge.

With our item rarity system, customization is virtually endless. Explore the combination of rarity and attributes to create the most powerful and unique items on your path to greatness.

Enjoy this exciting addition to our server and take your game to a new level with the Item Rarity System!




Rarity Levels

When defeating a creature, it now has the chance to drop items of varying rarities:

Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary





Item Level

Every item now comes with an Item Level, which is determined based on the defeated monster's difficulty. When inspecting an item, you can see which monster it was obtained from. The attribute values will scale according to the Item Level, meaning that the stronger the monster, the more powerful the item, resulting in higher attribute values.





We have five distinct orbs, each with its specific function.

Ancient Orb - Upgrade Orb - Enchant Orb - Cleaner Orb - Fate Orb


Ancient Orb 

It's the rarest orb, with it, you can elevate the rarity of the item, meaning from common to uncommon, uncommon to rare, rare to epic, and epic to legendary.


Upgrade Orb 

This orb allows you to increase the item's Tier, making it +1, +2, +3, and so on, up to the maximum level of +9. The higher the tier, the more challenging it becomes to raise it. The Item Level mentioned above is also influenced by the Tier Level, so the better the tier, the higher the potential attribute values.


Enchant Orb 

This orb allows you to add a new attribute to an empty slot on the item. It will be generated randomly, with the values determined based on the Item Level, thus varying with both the monster and the Tier.


Cleaner Orb 

This orb allows you to cleanse all attributes from the item, creating the opportunity to add new ones using the Enchant Orb.


Fate Orb 

The most common orb, it allows you to increase or decrease the values of all the item's attributes. The higher the attribute value, the more challenging it is to adjust. The maximum value for each attribute is directly linked to the Item Level and Tier, meaning higher values are obtained from tougher creatures and items with a higher Tier (Upgrade Orb).



Orb Machine

All the orbs can be acquired through the Orb Machine.

It randomly generates one of the five existing orbs. To use it, there is an initial cost of 500 gold coins (gps), and this cost will increase with each use.

Location: Below Casino Island.



Attributes List

Here's the list of attributes, with each item type having various among them.