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Character Information
Name: Silver Haze
Sex: male
Profession: Elder Druid
Level: 32
Magic Level: 50
Residence: Edron
Stonehome Flats, Flat 01 (Thais) is paid until Apr 21 2024
Last login: Apr 10 2024, 04:48:44 CEST
Created: Mar 06 2024, 14:04:27 CEST
Account Status: Premium Account

fist fighting 10
club fighting 18
sword fighting 18
axe fighting 13
distance fighting 15
shielding 15
fishing 23
Minotaur Maze Quest
Desert Quest
Draconia Quest
Devil Helmet Quest
The Paradox Tower Quest
Noble Armor Quest
Circle Room Quest
Crusader Helmet
Naginata Quest
Hat of the Mad Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
Bright Sword Quest
Green Djin Acess
Blue Djin Acess
Rashid Acess
Black Knight Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest
Medusa Shield Quest
Fire Axe Quest
The Queen of the Banshees Quest
Dragon Lance Quest
Behemoth Quest
Deep Worms Quest
Arena Greenhorn
Arena Scrapper
Arena Warlord
Demon Helmet Quest
Annihilator Quest
The Pits of Inferno Quest

Character Deaths
21 Mar 2024, 23:12 Killed at level 33 by Xapahsl (unjustified) (soloed)
20 Mar 2024, 22:26 Killed at level 32 by Dragon (soloed)
17 Mar 2024, 21:32 Killed at level 30 by Orc Shaman (soloed)
16 Mar 2024, 18:34 Killed at level 24 by Merlkin (Red Skull) (soloed)
16 Mar 2024, 14:55 Killed at level 21 by Larva (soloed)
15 Mar 2024, 20:23 Killed at level 5 by Wolf (soloed)

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